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Welcome to the Vaelor's Keep Wiki!

This wiki is a resource for PC gaming and game concepts, geared primarily toward classic, or "retro" gaming, but open for most genres and styles of PC game information. If you are a new user, please read our General Disclaimer, Rules & Guidelines, and the Help page for important information regarding this wiki and how to be a valuable contributor.

The goal of the Vaelor's Keep Wiki is to provide a definitive resource for the more obscure gaming concepts found in PC games past and present. There are thousands of websites out there that provide walkthroughs, detailed item lists, cheats, cracks, downloadable custom content, mods, patches, fanfic, and much more, but nowhere else on the web will you find a definitive resource with as much information about what makes games great - the characters, the storyline, the plot, the creatures, the worlds. For example, do you know where Port Llast can be found? Or what a Pkunk is? Or in what land Rakeesh the Liontaur calls home? Or whatever became of Bella Goth? It's all these little bits of game trivia that make up the Vaelor's Keep Wiki.

What the Vaelor's Keep Wiki IS

  • A repository for information about PC games, past and present, and the concepts and details that were woven to make them what they are. The people, the places, the history, the culture, the detail rich worlds, even the religions, societies, governments, the heroes and villans - everything.
  • The place you'll find the answers to those nagging little questions you have about games you used to play - or, the place you can contribute the knowledge you have to help others in that search.
  • A nostalgic walk through the classic games of the past, when storyline and plot were more important than how big the explosions were or how many polygons the textures had.
  • A place to collate all the secrets, treasures, easter eggs, in-jokes, geek humor, gamer culture, and all of the less critical, more entertaining smaller aspects found in games.
  • By its very nature, this is a spoilers site. In the spirit of providing this kind of information about a game, it is inevitable that much of the storyline, plot, and possibly even the conclusion of a game, will be given away. It is not recommended that you read about games you have not yet explored to your satisfaction unless you are willing to have some of its secrets revealed to you in the process.

What the Vaelor's Keep Wiki IS NOT

  • An unmoderated, free-for-all, "mob rule" community like Wikipedia. We have preset rules and guidelines here, and administators and moderators to enforce them. While like all good wikis, the Vaelor's Keep Wiki is open for information from the entire world and whoever is willing to contribute it, unlike most, some standards, structures, and guidelines, are set in stone and not open for debate. The open-handed democratic process seen on Wikipedia and similar wikis will not be found to such an extreme degree here. Vandals will be chastised. Repeat offenders will be banned. Certain core formats will be adhered to. Some discussions will not be entered into. =)
  • A resource for console gaming. It is the opinion of the administrators that console gaming is a plague that is slowly killing the PC gaming industry. Information about console games should only be contributed to the Vaelor's Keep Wiki when it pertains to cross-platform games that happen to have been released for console as well as PC, or in the context of information pertaining to a PC game - ie. a PC game series that was sequelled only on console systems, for example. Besides that, there is more than enough information about console gaming available on the web as it is.
  • A site for walkthroughs, cheat codes, cracks, gameplay tips, or other methods of gameplay assistance. There a literally hundreds of those kinds of sites out there - the Vaelor's Keep Wiki is for what's left. The unsung stories, if you like. The little things, that make gaming fun, but may not neccesarily be crucial to the gameplay.