Doc Morbid

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Concept art of Doc Morbid, by Leonard Boyarsky

Doc Morbid is an NPC from the game Fallout. He is a healer/physician character located in Junktown, who will restore the player's lost hit points for a nominal fee.

The Doc is accompanied by his two assistants/bodyguards, Cougar and Flash, and a halfwitted midget helper named Gretch. The seemingly innocuous Junktown hospital is, in fact, a front for a more profitable operation - dissecting human corpses to sell human meat to Bob's Iguana Bits in The Hub to be resold as iguana meat, in their line of Iguana-on-a-stick snack products. The player can in fact trick the somewhat slow Gretch into revealing this scheme, whereafter they can blackmail Bob in The Hub for periodic "protection money" in exchange for keeping the secret. Confronting Doc Morbid about the scandal only results in a firm denial.

Morbid also expresses dissatisfaction with the Children of the Cathedral, for setting up a much cheaper healing service next door to his clinic, which offers prices he claims to have no hope of competing with, though he claims to provide much better service to justify the extra cost.